Rate system

Rookie Discount: Nominate a rookie with a NEW mark1,000 YEN Discount(*Except for date course, not valid with other discounts)

Delivery Course

 Required TimePriceReserve
(extension)Every 30 min.+¥4,000 

Private Room Course

 Required TimePriceReserve
IN ROOM40min.¥11,000
IN ROOM60min.¥13,000
IN ROOM90min.¥16,000
IN ROOM120min.¥20,000
(extension)Every 30 min.+¥4,000 

*Private room 40 minute course is not available for back play.

Overnight Course

 Required TimePriceReserve
Away & OvernightAfter 8pm.
Up to 10 hours
Stay in roomAfter 8pm.
Up to 10 hours
(extension)Every 30 min.+¥3,000 

Massage Course

 Required TimePriceReserve
IN ROOM60min.¥10,000
IN ROOM90min.¥13,000

*Private room use only, refreshments included

Reverse threesome course

 Required TimePriceReserve
IN ROOM/AWAY60min.¥26,000
IN ROOM/AWAY90min.¥32,000
IN ROOM/AWAY120min.¥38,000
(extension)Every 30 min.+¥8,000 

*Course for 2 customers + 1 boy
*Both delivery and private rooms are available.

Date Courses

Required TimePriceReserve
Every 30 min. extension+¥3,000 

2000 yen discount when combined with other courses


Goods Rental Free
Taking a picture 1枚 ¥1,000 Half price for a limited time only! 500 yen
Bringing home the boy's pants. 3,000 yen per sheet
Option cannot be used alone. Only when using a private room

About Delivery

  • If transportation fees are required, we charge 500 yen for the Umeda area and 1,000 yen for all other areas.
  • The 60-minute course is only available in the Shin-Osaka and Osaka area.
  • If you are far away, please contact us to discuss the distance fee.
  • If it takes more than 15 minutes from the nearest station, cab fare will be charged separately. (No bus service is available.)

About the Date Course

  • It is not possible to call them at home or hotel.
  • We ask that you use a public place where you can be in constant contact with your beau at all times.

About Massage

  • The massage will be a shiatsu massage in the nude.
  • Oil massage is available depending on the boy, so please inquire for details.
  • Activities that are considered play, such as kissing, fellatio, and penetration, are not available in the massage course.