We do not have a boy waiting in the office. Please understand that it will take time to confirm your reservation with the boy if you make a reservation on the day of the event.

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    We do not have a boy waiting in the office. Same-day reservations will take some time to be confirmed by the boy before he responds. Please understand this in advance.

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    I want the lights in the room to be dimmed.Wishes to dine with BoyWish to cosplayI want you to give me a hand job and blowjob.I want you to wear a condom and give me a blowjob.Ejaculation request for boys (cannot be guaranteed due to the boy's physical condition)I need you to lead.I want to insert it into Boy.I want Boy to insert it.I need longer play time.I want you to verbally abuse me.I need more kisses.I want to enjoy conversation.

    Please limit your requests to no more than three as it may be difficult to accommodate your request. Some boy may not be able to accommodate some plays.

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